Saints competed at the Tournament of Minds on Sunday 10 September at Flinders University.We fielded two teams; one in science technology and one in engineering mathematics.

Science technology

The science technology team were successful in winning the state competition, with their risky and flamboyant solution to the long-term challenge. By creating a melange of music styles they sang, rapped and indeed danced through a consideration of the theories of Galileo, Copernicus, and Stephen Hawking’s ideas regarding the Earth and it’s place in Space. This was a distinct move away from their performance styles of the past and the boys were rewarded with first place. The science technology team was made up of boys from Years 8 to 10 and are as follows:

Henry A (Captain)
Shant B
Kush G
Kajana K
Eton W
Noah P
Yash P 

Engineering Mathematics

The Engineering Mathematics team also presented a deviation from the normal performance as they used a randomised selection process to choose three citizens for an upcoming tour to Mars. Unfortunately, the Randomised Selector failed at the last minute and all the ping pong balls got stuck in the chute.

Our boys showed great humour and sportsmanship. The boys involved in this team were:

Aaditya M (Captain)
Christopher K
Tom E-W
Alex R
Stefan K
Jeremy B
Lianos K

Tournament of minds is a collaborative, creative and problem-solving activity.

The team are now preparing for the Australasian Pacific Finals and the very demanding onsite challenge.

Kerry Skujins
Tournament of Minds Facilitator