A beautiful autumn day greeted the Junior School boys for their annual Summer House Games in Week 11.

Every boy from each of the four Houses are put into a team to compete in a sport against the other houses. The boys can represent their house in Cricket, Modified Cricket, Tennis, Tee Ball or Volleyball. For the first time we introduced Kickball for the Year 3 boys to compete in during the competition.

The competition throughout the event was fierce but it was great to see a high level of sportsmanship from all the competitors.

I would like to thank all of the boys for their participation and the Senior School boys who helped to umpire the cricket matches. I would also like to thank the Junior School staff for their efforts in running the different matches and the ground staff for preparing the fields yet again.

A big thankyou must also go to our four Heads of House, Mr Athanasiou, Mr Clutton, Mr Shigrov and Mr Tirrell for all of the time they invested to ensure all of the different teams were selected and that all of the boys in their House were able to have an enjoyable day.

The results were as follows:

Tee Ball

1ST       Clayton-Dyer
2ND          Brooks
2ND          Stokes-Ware
3RD       Alliston-Jones

Modified Cricket

1ST       Alliston-Jones
2ND          Clayton-Dyer
2ND           Brooks
3RD       Stokes-Ware

Year 3 Kickball

1ST       Clayton-Dyer
2ND           Alliston-Jones
2ND       Stokes-Ware
3RD       Brooks


1ST       Stokes-Ware
2ND           Clayton-Dyer
3RD           Alliston-Jones
4TH       Brooks


1ST         Brooks
2ND           Stokes-Ware
3RD           Clayton-Dyer
4TH       Alliston-Jones


1ST       Brooks
2ND           Stokes-Ware
3RD        Alliston-Jones
4TH           Clayton-Dyer

Jason Cosgrove
Teacher – Junior School