Congratulations to Isaac T, Year 12, who gained selection into the Australian team to compete in the 14th international iGeo competition in Belgrade. He and three other students had the honour of representing Australia in a competition which included 42 nations and 160 people. Isaac received a bronze medal on the international stage. This is a wonderful example of how a committed and determined student can achieve at the highest level. A brief report by Isaac follows:

“I really enjoyed the opportunity to travel abroad and meet other young people from all over the world, as well as the chance to challenge myself and test my geography skills. The tests were quite difficult, which was unsurprising as I expected a tough challenge from a world geography competition! My best result was in the fieldwork/fieldwork test, which somewhat surprised me, as I found the fieldwork itself quite difficult.

Belgrade itself intrigued me as a city: the relics of communist control and war were still visible even in the city, but the city centre surprised me with its vibrance and unique character, and we were lucky enough to explore parts of it during our day’s stay prior to the iGeo comp. The venue which we stayed for the competition wasn’t particularly grandiose but the proximity of the accommodation to the city was excellent and this allowed us to make the most of our free time. However, the new people which I met was perhaps the best experience I had on the iGeo comp: I made close friends with much of the UK, Dutch and Croatian teams. The local people were also very friendly, especially the geography volunteers from the University of Belgrade, and this really contributed to my positive experience”.

Paul Hadfield
IB Diploma Coordinator