I can clearly recall a time in Year 8, sitting in Room 12 in the Big Quad, when I was confronted with a written task in Religion to write about the person I most admire. Instantly, like many of the rest of the little 12 year old boys in the class, my rather limited mind went to people like Michael Jordan, Allan Border and the great Garry McIntosh. But I did pause, reflect, and then realized there was one person I admired more than anyone in the world. She wasn’t famous nor she couldn’t play sport very well, but she single-handedly did more for me than the rest of the world put together. It was my Mum.

My Mum had to work so that I could come to this great School. She would have spent hours driving me to various basketball stadiums around the city, and spent even longer watching me play for Norwood or Saints. Every weekend she would have spent 4 or 5 hours at the Athletics track to watch me run for a total of probably 4 or 5 minutes. I know she spent a lot of time at Howard House Dinners and Community Days getting ready to cater for the hungry boys soon to arrive. And each and every night I was treated to the best cooking in the world. That doesn’t even scratch the surface of the time and effort she must have put in when I was a baby, toddler and little primary School student at St Andrews. To be honest, I think you only truly appreciate what your parents did for you when you become a parent yourself.

It is opportune that this weekend is Mothers’ Day, and it’s a great time to reflect on all that Mums do. Probably the only way a son can repay the love, hard work, care, sacrifice and dedication of our Mums is to love them back and make them proud.

Mums play a big role in the life of Saints, and especially in the life of the House. Last weekend Community Day gave a great visual reminder of how much work our Mums do and the support they give. While we are all boys’ School, we rely greatly on the support of Mums and other females. Our female staff play an important part in the House as well. It has been a significant point that we now have four female Heads of House. Around one-third of our Mentors are female. All of these women also share a passion for their House.

I have spoken before about how much pride boys have in their House. House ties are ever popular, and the introduction of the House caps last year has been an enormous success. It is with true pride that we have launched the House scarf, where ladies can wear a symbol of their House identity and affiliation. They have been very popular with our female teachers, who can (finally) show their allegiance to the House they love each day as well (they are also available to families through the uniform shop).

Thank you to the Mums (especially mine if she’s reading!) and all of the women who contribute so greatly to the life of each House. Your support is much appreciated. Happy Mothers’ Day.

David Scott
Head of Senior Years