Learning about French culture is an essential part of the Year 7 curriculum and there was no better way to end Term 1 than researching the French legend of the Flying Easter Bells.

Students in Year 9 prepared the sugar, peppermint, egg white and green food colouring mixture whilst the Year 7 boys designed the wings and prepared the packaging.

As legend goes the church bells fly to Rome to visit the Pope. Once blessed, the bells fly back to France and drop chocolates into the gardens ready for the children to find them on Easter Sunday.

The bells begin to ring again, symbolising their return from Rome and the celebration of Jesus’s resurrection.

The Year 7 boys and Mme Castrechini-Sutton’s Year 9 boys enjoyed finding out about ‘les cloches de Pâques’ and probably relished more in tasting the Easter treats.

Mme Castrechini-Sutton
and The French Department