Parents and Guardians are warmly invited to the annual Athletics Carnival, Friday 22 September on the Wilson and Caterer Ovals. This event is one of the most anticipated events on the school calendar.

As always, this athletics season is a chance for boys to show pride in their house by doing trials at lunchtime and after-school before proper events on the day, and to show talent and effort to earn a spot in the Achilles Cup team, which after a washout last year will seek to continue a run of 43 out of 44 victories. Most distance events greater than 800m are run on the lunchtimes of Week 9 as an appetiser to the main course on the day, where budding sprinters, jumpers and throwers put in their best efforts.

For the goal of improvement, from any starting ability, Saturday morning trainings (three 9:30-11:30 am trainings from 2 September), run by old scholars, many of whom have competed in Commonwealth Games and coached Olympians, is an unmissable way to reach this goal.

Laurie Humphreys
Athletics Day Coordinator