During the second first term holidays, Edward A (Year 12 WDK), David Q (Year 11 HWK) and Tom G (Year 11 DAC) completed a week's internship at YLab of the Foundation for Young Australians in Melbourne as the winners of the Inaugural Day Family Foundation Family Prize for Social Entrepreneurship. The boys completed a week's work experience focusing on developing entrepreneurial skills. During the week the boys had the opportunity to visit the $10 million Wade Institute at The University of Melbourne, learn more about the University entrepreneurship accelerator and receive feedback on their projects. As part of their award, the boys completed career mapping at PriceWaterhouseCoopers in Melbourne arranged by FYA and visited Social Ventures Australia where they met with Alex Oppes (SHT '02) who is the Director of Impact Investing. Here the boys learnt about impact investing and how it works. The boys have returned with many ideas and now move into developing the entrepreneurial projects which will be shared in future newsletters.

Mathew White
Director of Wellbeing & Positive Education

Caption: L to R: Alex Oppes (SHT '02), Director, Impact Investing, Social Ventures Australia – Melbourne; David Q (Year 11 HWK), Edward A (Year 12 WDK ), and Tom G (Year 11 DAC).