Welcome back to Term 2. I trust that Easter and the holiday period provided an opportunity for you to spend some quality time with family and friends. It was wonderful to catch up with many of you at Community Day. We very much appreciate you taking the time to spend a Saturday watching the boys represent their House in a range of sports, and share a meal together with the House. Thank you to all our Heads of House who worked very hard organising the day for their House, and to Grant Wyman for his coordination of events.

It was also a great opportunity to speak with many of you at the Middle Years Parent/Teachers interviews this week. These discussions are designed to strengthen the relationship between teachers and parents, and discuss the application of the boys to their studies. At school, we come together often as a Middle Years cohort and reinforce the values and expectations that underpin life as a Year 7 and 8 boy at Saints. How the boys commit to their studies is integral to our culture, and we continue to be delighted with the application our boys demonstrate to their learning.

Whilst academic achievement is significant, it is certainly not our sole focus. Our aim to is nurture Senior School graduates who have not only achieved to the very best of their ability academically, but who are well placed to transfer this academic success into a successful life post school. We aspire to provide opportunities within the learning program for boys to develop enterprise skills such as being skilled and confident communicators, great collaborators, excellent self-regulators, creative thinkers and critical observers. On the back of the Parent/Teacher interviews I encourage you to chat with your son about the feedback you received, and be part of the goal setting process they undertake with their learning. 

The winter sports program begins this week for most boys, and we have a revamped Sports Zone component of Keystone to support the administration of the season.  Please have a look when you get the opportunity, and if there are any questions these can be directed to the Sports Office. Whilst winning is important and enjoyable, it is not the reason that we have a compulsory sports program for all our boys. The lessons that come with being part of a team, the reliance that boys have upon each other to commit to their sport, the ideals of being a player who plays fairly and abides by an umpire’s decision, learning to win with grace and lose with dignity are all values that boys learn from team sport. I wish all boys the very best of luck with their winter sports over the next two terms.

James Tamblyn
Head of Middle Years