Welcome to Term 2 and Community Day proved to be the perfect start to what will be a busy term. It was wonderful to see so many boys and families enjoying themselves on a crisp and sunny autumn day. As I walked around, I could see the friendly rivalry between Houses and a great sense of camaraderie between the boys. Thank you to everyone to helped ensure the day was a success and to all the families who attended and showed their support.
Parents would be aware of the recent announcement by the Federal Government concerning school funding. Known as Gonski 2.0, the proposed funding arrangements for schools will not adversely impact our School and our current funding levels will not be reduced.
More broadly, Gonski 2.0, which will need legislation, will realise a consistent funding model for all schools and indeed, increased funding for the vast majority of schools across the nation. Invested wisely, this might lead to improved learning outcomes for students. Invested poorly, there is a real possibility of it being a lost opportunity.
A few weeks ago Joe Thorp, Chair of the Council of Governors and I attended the installation of the new Archbishop of Adelaide, the Most Reverend Geoffrey Smith at St Peter’s Cathedral. It was honour to attend the installation and we look forward to welcoming and introducing Archbishop Geoff to the boys and Saints community at his earliest convenience.
Saints has a unique relationship with the Archbishop of Adelaide and in fact, Archbishop Geoff was elected at a special synod held in Memorial Hall in November last year. In addition to his many official roles, the Archbishop is also the President and Visitor of the Council of Governors. His role was largely determined in the 1849 Act which formally constituted the School. As President and Visitor Archbishop Geoff can “preach in the Chapel, instruct students and inspect the accounts to ensure good management”.
St Peter’s College has a long association with the Church and the first Archbishop played a crucial role in the founding of St Peter’s College. In 1847 Augustus Short (then titled as a Bishop) arrived in Adelaide and established the School at its first location at the Holy Trinity Church on North Terrace. He appointed the first Headmaster, Reverend Theodore Wilson and purchased the land where the School now resides. Short’s view of St Peter’s College was as a school responsible for educating minds, shaping characters and nourishing spirits; a view that remains as relevant today as it did all that time ago. It seems fitting that, 170 years ago when the School was founded by Bishop Augustus Short, we welcome the 10th Archbishop of Adelaide in our anniversary year.

Simon Murray