One of the most enjoyable times for me in this role is the series of one-on-one meetings I have with each Year 9 boy in the latter part of Term 1. Each Year 9 boy meets me individually to outline to me his goals for the year, in the academic, co-curricular or social/personal field. By far and away the most common goal is “To do better at Maths”. This response interests me considerably, as we offer such a variety of subjects, yet the majority of boys seem very concerned with their grades in Maths.

Being naturally curious (and coincidentally married to a Maths teacher), I began to ask boys why this was their main goal for the year. A handful explained how Maths was important for them to get into Medicine, some said their parents were keen for them to be good at Maths, and a number said because there are more tests in that subject. But most boys were unable to explain why they thought it was actually important to them. I’m not sure I have an accurate theory as to why this was the most common answer, but it is interesting.

One boy shared his goal with me that I didn’t expect to hear, but it has pleased me no end that we have students who think like this. His goal was “To get know my grandparents better, because I think I could learn a lot from them”. What an astute, mature and perceptive young man. And his statement is so true, boys do learn a lot here at Saints, but education goes beyond the classroom, beyond the walls of the School and into the homes and lives of our boys. Families play such an important part in educating boys, and it was so refreshing to hear a boy recognize that he could learn from his grandparents.

The Year 9’s also shared with me what they look forward most in the day. By far the overwhelming response was “Seeing my friends”. It’s another reminder that education is so much more than just the classroom. Our boys do love their friends, share good times with them and support one another. When I asked the boys why they like their friends, it was fantastic to see their faces immediately light up as they describe how funny they are, or how they can’t wait to see them on a Monday morning. The interaction between the boys is a real heartbeat of the School, and we are blessed to have so many wonderful young men in our care.

Summer Intercol Season

On Saturday 25 March we witnessed a great success on the water at West Lakes, with our First VIII claiming victory in the annual Head of the River. Congratulations to all of the boys for their hard work and dedication over the many months before race day. I wish to also congratulate the students who came to support on the day. There are times when our boys can make mistakes, but at this event our boys were simply fantastic. Their support was positive, loud and entertaining. They should be immensely proud of the way they supported their School, and for the courteous respect they showed the crews from the other Schools in that race.

Year 11’s at StreetSmart

On Thursday 6 April, all the Year 11’s attended the RAA’s annual StreetSmart session, to learn about road safety and the impact of road crashes. We have attended every year since the inception of this event in 2011, and each year it continues to deliver strong and important messages to the boys about taking care on the road. The program link can be viewed here if parents are interested StreetSmart Link

David Scott
Head of Senior Years