Recent weeks have seen House pride on full display with the Summer House Sports Day and Swimming Carnival. It again highlights how the Houses play such a key role in the culture of our School. As we move into the middle of first Term, the Senior Years has its first week of the CARE Program, where we look at “Courage”. The Year 9 boys will discuss peer pressure, and the effect of a mob mentality. Year 10 students will consider ethics and honesty, while our Year 11 boys will look at what it means to be ‘a man’. Finally, the Year 12 cohort will discuss how to stand up for their beliefs. These sessions are run in House groups, and are designed to make the boys think about how they can be courageous as young men.

This week also sees a roster begin where every Year 9 boy meets me for a one-on-one meeting to discuss his goals (academic, co-curricular and social) for the year. These goals will be monitored by Mentors in term 2, and reflected upon at the end of the year. I encourage parents to ask their sons about their goals for the year.

Friday 10 March was the Service Learning Expo in the Big Quad. Every Year 10 boy is expected to fulfill 20 hours of service this year, so there was a perfect opportunity for boys to find an appropriate project and begin volunteering at an organization.

Our Year 11 students heard from Old Scholar and Magistrate Ian White (MAC ‘83) about how the law can affect them in their social life. Young people are becoming more and more frequently exposed to incidents and issues that can have legal ramifications. This was an excellent opportunity to alert our boys to the consequences of some their decisions on the weekends.

Thank you to all the parents, and mentors, who took part in the Parent-Mentor Interview Day on Friday 2 March. The connection between School and home is pivotal in guiding boys through their education, and our Mentors do a wonderful job at watching over a boy’s four-year journey through the Senior Years. Mentors are the first point of contact for parents at the School, and I would like to publicly thank them for the work they day each and every day in guiding our boys.

David Scott
Head of Senior Years