Mid Winter Practices

We have had brilliant clear nights and fantastic warm days so generally it has been a pleasure to see the boys training and playing their sport under such good conditions. The ovals and playing fields are in fantastic condition.

Now that it is mid winter the expectation is there will be some colder and wetter nights, mornings and days that will challenge us. There could even be some mud on our grounds.

Sometimes it feels as if it is easier to find an excuse to stay out of the cold and wet, but that is the easiest option. It is harder is to say “yes it’s cold and wet but if I get out there I will have some fun, get used to the conditions and do something that will challenge me”. These decisions are why we play sport, to challenge ourselves when it is a bit tough.

If you can overcome these little challenges this will go some way in assisting with little ‘hurdles’ that may be presented later in life. For those finding it tough a cold training session is normally about 75 minutes, so in the context of one week, or a term, it is not much. By the way your team mates also go through this, so if you get to training and they get to training there is every chance that you will ‘gel’ together as a team, as you are prepared to think outside of just yourself.

I look forward to walking around the training next Term and seeing who is attending as part of their commitment to their team and further development of their character traits and resilience.


Football: Congratulations to Luke H who has been selected in the State SAPSASA Football team. Luke will compete in the Nationals in Darwin in August.

Grant Wyman
Director of Sport & Athletic Development