Saints Swimming Carnival 2017

Thursday 2 March saw the whole of Senior School travel to Marion to use the international standard pool at SA Aquatic and Leisure Centre. This is where they hold national championships and international meets, so all boys should feel good about having the opportunity to use these facilities.

There were a number of records broken, medals awarded and trophies collected by the Houses.


Kroker J A             OPEN FREESTYLE               24.8          24.93     LEWIS H S            2012
Kroker J A             OPEN BREASTROKE            31.47         33.46     BARLOW E           2017
Nesbitt J O            UNDER 13 FREESTYLE                 30.05         30.49     SAUNDERS TJ      1992
Nesbitt J O            UNDER 13 BUTTERFLY                 34.46         34.95     MORPHETT MR    1990
Nesbitt J O            UNDER 13 BACKSTROKE              35.33         37.16     DONOGHUE T      1991
Pearce M J            UNDER 13 BREASTROKE               37.2          39.37     LEE DTS               1994


             Event                Name

Under 13 Champion:  Jake  N  (Woodcock)
Under 13 Runner Up:  Matthew P (Hawkes)
Under 14 Champion:  David R (Woodcock)
Under 14 Runner Up:  Morgan F (Young)
Under 15 Champion:  Thomas S (Da Costa)
Under 15 Runner Up:  Henry N (School & Allen)
Under 16 Champion:  Albert V (Farr)
Under 16 Runner Up:   Zac N-S (Woodock)
Open Runner Up:   Mason J (Howard)


Open Champion (Wells Cup):  2017  Jack  K (MacDermott)
Senior House Swimming Cup: 2017  Woodcock
Junior House Swimming Cup: 2017  Young
Champion Swimming House Cup: 2017  Woodcock


It was a great opportunity to see our boys put in their all for the individual events. The weather was kind to us although sitting under the canopy was much more humid and tiring than it was being in the sun. A big thank you to the Saints boys who, yet again, helped to set up the Hurdles for the events. Without their support, we would not get the job done in record time each week. A huge well done for sheet grit and determination goes to Ryan O'C who pulled off a massive 3000m Steeplechase, followed immediately by the Triple Jump. He then went on to the 110m Hurdles with some very impressive results. We are so very proud of his and the other boys' efforts. Every boy contributed to the overall scores and Saints Athletics Club placings which are as follows:

The Sprint Cup placings for Saints Club was Open’s 1st Place, Under 18’s 1st Place and Under 16’s 2nd Place
The Distance Cup placing for Saints Club was Open’s 3rd Place, Under 18’s 2nd Place and Under 16’s 5th Place
The Throws Cup placing for Saints Club was Open’s 2nd Place, Under 18’s 3rd Place and Under 16’s 1st Place
The Jumps Cup placing for Saints Club was Open’s 4th Place, Under 18’s 2nd Place and Under 16’s 3rd Place

Individual Placings in their age groups are as follows:

Ryan O'C 110 Metre Hurdles 3rd place 
Ryan O'C 3000m Steeplechase 4th place 
Ryan O'C Triple Jump 5th place 
Laurie B 3000m Steeplechase 3rd place
Tom D 400m 4th place 
Tom D 100m Hurdles 2nd place
Keshav S 100m Hurdles 1st place 
Jack P High Jump joint 4th place 
Jack P Pole Vault 1st place
Lachlan B High Jump joint 4th place 
Lachlan B Hammer Throw 4th place 
Lachlan B Javelin 3rd place
Jack R Pole Vault 2nd place 
Jack R Javelin 4th place
Adam S Long Jump 4th place 
Fox O Shot Put 1st place 
Fox O Hammer Throw 3rd place 
Nick M 400m 2nd place 
Adam G 3000m 2nd place 
Jesse G High Jump 7th place 
Jesse G Pole Vault 5th place
Charlton G Pole Vault 4th place 
Ashton H Shot Put 4th place 
Henry O'G Javelin 5th place 
Ashton H Javelin 6th place

Another very successful Term. Well done to all the boys in the Athletics Program. You are a joy to work with and your dedication to the program, along with your wonderful personalities, make my job such a pleasure and truly rewarding.

Sue Dickinson
Master in Charge of Athletics

Rowing Boys

Last weekend the First VIII managed to win the Rowing SA State Championships which is the second year in succession. It seems like the boys like giving other good crews a start before getting the job done. Although we won by almost two seconds we cannot afford to let other crews get a start on us. This should improve before the Head of the River on March 25.

The 2017 State Crews have been selected to represent South Australia. Saints boys who have been selected for the Interstate Regatta to be held on Sunday 2 April, as part of the Sydney International Rowing Regatta in Penrith, NSW are:

Queens Cup – which is the SA Senior Womens Crew

Indran M – (Coxswain)

Men’s Youth 8+, which is the SA Under 21 Crew

Angus D
Max F
Oscar M

Max B is also in the SA Pathways 8 but that does not compete at the Nationals

This is significant as all the boys are Rowing well above their age-group. I am pleased for the boys who work long and hard and deserve this success.


Will W has been selected in the SSSSA Under 15 State Cricket Team. This Team will play in the School Sports Australia Cricket Championships in Brisbane / Sunshine Coast 25 March to 2 April 2017. Congratulations Will.

Grant Wyman
Director of Sport & Athletic Development