Today’s Newsletter has been published as boys are leaving their classrooms, ready to enjoy the School holidays. It has been a busy term and I know that students and staff are both excited for the holidays and in need of a break before we move into the final term of the year. Years 11 and 12s will be leaving with an extra spring in their step as they head home to prepare for the Blue & White and I am sure it will be a night that they remember for all the right reasons. While it is really important that the Year 12s take a little bit of time to relax and recharge in the holidays it is vital that they use the break to prepare for their examinations. I believe that they should try to replicate their school day as much as possible and use the rhythms and routines they are accustomed to help them study. The next few weeks will fly by for them and before they know it their time as a student of St Peter’s College will be over.

Last week our incoming Headmaster, Tim Browning, visited the School for a week as part of his induction to Saints. During his time with us, Tim met with a wide range of staff, taught a Year 9 maths class, attended Tania de Jong’s Lipman lecture and was seen out and about with Junior School boys. Tim officially starts in January 2018 and we look forward to introducing him to the wider School community early in the new year.

The Athletics Carnival was held on Friday 22 September on a perfect spring day. The blue skies and sunshine added to the festive atmosphere of the event. The colour of the House tents and uniforms together with the passion and energy displayed by the boys for their Houses reminded me of how important days like these are for our community. It was also great to see the Friends of Saints supporting the event and I was pleased that a number of parents were able to attend as well. I love the way every student is involved at a level of their choosing. The good athletes can enter the championship events but every student can make a difference to their House by competing in the heats and participating in the novelty events on the day if that is what they want to do. The ground staff are to be thanked for making the whole set-up picture perfect. The Heads of House also deserve praise for encouraging and motivating their boys. I especially want to thank Mr Humphreys for the logistical magic that he conjures up to make the day run like clockwork. We are also extremely fortunate to have our own Saints Living Treasure Tony Keynes (SCH ’70) in the thick of the action driving the boys on with his enthusiasm and love for the School. There are very few Schools that are capable of holding a day such as this.

In closing, I wish everyone a safe and happy holiday and we look forward to welcoming you all back for Term 4. Pro Deo et Patria.

Ben Hanisch
Acting Headmaster