During 2017, The French Town/Village will be main our focus.

Firstly, the boys will learn about town buildings and landmarks. We will then move on to what shops you may find and how and what you may purchase at a French market.

While we are exploring the typical French town, we will learn new vocabulary and phrases and discover some cultural differences.

In Term 1, we will be learning about what a “typical” French town may look like and the associated vocabulary that compliments this topic. The students will also learn some Greetings, essential classroom vocabulary and phrases, as well as learning how to say some Colours in French.

We will also find about some cultural events that occur in France during Term 1 such as, La Chandeleur, Mardi Gras, Le poisson d’avril (April Fool’s Day) and Pâques (Easter).

Madame McLachlan
Junior School French Teacher