On Wednesday August 16, we had clouds and storms threatening all day and as the afternoon approached the sky got darker. It was in such conditions that 24 boys from Years 4 to 6 gathered at Waite Oval to compete in the Annual State Cross Country Relay. We fielded 6 teams of 4, where each boy ran 2 km to make a total of 8 for the team. In the previous two years we had come runners up and our leading team of Jonathan H, Will B, Oscar H and Tom G were determined not to come second again. We didn’t have to worry about the weather – little wind and the rain held off until after the conclusion of the event – nor obtaining first place as the boys were easily 3 minutes in front after the first runner. They won with a combined total of 23:28. Our other teams also did well, placing fifth (Dougal G, Donavan F, Will D, Zac M), seventh (Sam L, Tom W, Jack R, George W), eighth (Fergus L, Tom H, Jacob H, Henry R) tenth (Felix H, Fred K, Lachlan E, Hamish P) and eleventh (Charlie M, Brayden S, Seb H, Hugh H).

Colin Becker
Junior School Teacher

Eleventh placed team
Banner photo: Winning team