Book Week 2017 was filled with many events in which the Junior School boys participated. Seventy-three boys and their families were involved in weeks of planning and creating for our Book Week Competition, with an incredibly high standard of creativity once again. Our theme was to create a mechanism to “escape” to your favourite place, and entries ranged from time machines and flying shoes through to from bridges and wardrobes – and almost everything in between.

The Library Committee reflected on events during Book Week:

Book Week Assembly 2017 – by Gunin

On Monday 21 August, the library committee hosted the annual Book Week Launch for 2017. The theme of Book Week was “Escape to Everywhere” so the committee members dressed up as pirates and sailors, pulling along a trailer full of treasure with them. Soon after, the Junior School Prep Band, led by Mr Holmes played Zephyr – Get on the Train to Everywhere.

In the assembly, the 2017 CBCA shortlisted books winners were revealed to the boys for the first time. The winners were as follows:

Younger Readers: Rockhopping by Trace Balla

Early Readers: Go Home Cheeky Animals by Johanna Bell

Picture Books: Home in the Rain by Bob Graham.

Here at Saints, the boys in the Junior School have read six books during library lessons this term. The Junior Primary (R-2) read the Early Readers category,  Years 3 and 4 students read the Picture Books Category while Year 5 and 6 boys read the Younger Readers category. The boys voted for their favourite books by putting jellybeans into jars, representing their favourites. In the Junior School, the winners were as follows:

Younger Readers: Within These Walls by Robyn Bavati

Early Readers: Chip by Kylie Howarth

Picture Books: Mechanica by Lance Balchin

Each year, the annual “Book Week Competition” is held in the Junior School. The boys are challenged to make an optional entry using recyclable materials, like paper and cardboard. The entries had to be based on the topic “Escape to Everywhere”. The boys expressed their creativity and ingenuity by entering a total of 56 entries, which includes a class entry. Seventy-three boys participated as well as everyone in 2C. The first prize winners were:

Huxley, Easton, Tom T, Jason P, Liam, Seth, Fred S, Ted A, Archer, Charlie N, David P, Oliver S, Yongjian, Saffin, Fred K, William D, Evan N, Tristan L and Kelvin. Congratulations.

Read Around with Dad – by Oscar and Myles

We started “Read Around With Dad” with a morning tea for dads in the library, and we chose our books. Mr Hine’s speech mentioned the record number of books borrowed in the first half of 2017, 26,000! Seeing the number of dads it was a massive success. Most of the boys went with their dads and brought a few other boys with them to read. My group had a good laugh with the book called “Just Stupid”. We think that all the dads and boys had a great time and we hope it is as big a success again next year.


Book Week Parade 2017 – by William

At 8:45am on 25 August, all the students at St Peter’s College Junior School from Reception to Year 6 went down to the basketball courts dressed as a character from their favourite book, for the Book Week Parade 2017. One by one, each year level stood up and walked one lap around the basketball court to some music. You could easily see that each boy put a lot of effort into their costume. When the boys finished their parade, the teachers did a lap as well, with the librarians as some astronauts, ready to escape Earth and go to the moon (obviously the best costumes). The funniest bit of the teacher parade was Mr. Hine as a security officer with a cap that read ‘socks up’ on the front of it (compliments of one of the fathers of a student in the Junior School who didn’t what Mr. Hine to miss out). Mr Hine announced that this year we have had 100% participation in the Premier’s Reading Challenge…an amazing achievement! You could tell that some boys were really disappointed that the parade had ended, but just by looking at them you could tell easily that to all the boys, this was the highlight of their week!

Sue Danise
Teacher – Junior School