Felice Arena, author of “Specky Magee” and “The Boy and the Spy”, spoke to the Year 4 and 5 classes about his most popular books. Felice, along with Nicholas C, re-enacted a scene from an Aussie Rules match described in his Specky Magee books, with all of the other boys participating as part of the crowd.

Felice writes with a male audience in mind, as he recognizes the struggles that some boys face when reading. He initially chose sport as his genre, and has gained a large following of boys who relate to his stories. More recently, he has begun exploring historical fiction.

While explaining his writing journey so far, Felice mentioned his recent attempt a writing in the historical fiction genre, as well as the research required to write such a book. In his publication “The Boy and the Spy”, set against the backdrop of WWII, Felice’s research was aided by his own family’s history from his European heritage.

Felice inspired many boys to reconnect with Specky Magee, as well as exploring “The Boy and the Spy”. He has also written many books for a younger make audience including the “Boyz Rule” and “Sporty Kids” series.

Sue Dansie
Teacher Librarian