During Term 3 the Junior School hosted it’s annual Art Exhibition; the exhibition was a celebration of student artwork, influenced by Australian art, artists and techniques. Titled ‘Australian Art’, the exhibition was opened by our 2017 Junior School Art Captain, Wyl G.

A rich and diverse number of Australian artists were studied throughout the year including Robert Hannaford, Margaret Preston, Brett Whiteley, Sydney Nolan, John Olsen, Russell Drysdale, Fiona Hall, Tjanpi Desert Weavers, Bronwyn Oliver, Jenny Kee, Hans Heysen, Tim Maguire, Jeff Mincham, Gwen Hanson Piggott and John Brack.

The students studied how each artist had a significance influence on shaping visual art in Australia, how they created a foundation and long-lasting legacy captured through visual imagery. Traditional techniques from painters and sculptors, allowed the boys to appreciate their artworks context in Australian history.

The students of the Junior School embraced many visual art media throughout the exhibition, including painting, drawing, printmaking, ceramics, fabrics and textiles, digital media, photography, collage and sculpture. Artworks represented a diverse range of subject matter; above all, the presence of Australian Aboriginal Art, formed a significant focus in the exhibition.

The exhibition had an inspiring visual impact, as our students re-captured and appreciated moments of Australian art history. Thank you to all the community members who attended and viewed the exhibition whilst it was on display.

Sally Houston
Art Teacher