On Friday 8 September the language students from Years 7 to 12 took to the Lloyd Oval, in the annual languages soccer cup, to see which language would be crowned the junior and senior winners for 2017.


The junior games results and MVPs were:

China vs France (1-0)                           Nic M
Germany vs UN (EALD/LS) (1-1)           Yifan Z and James E
France vs Germany (1-0)                      Malachy C
China vs UN (3-0)                                 James H and Raphael W
Germany vs China (0-0)                        Callum G and James E
France vs UN (1-0)                               James R

Our first match was against France, which had two First XI soccer players in their team so we knew we had to play our best. Jamie and Sean played exceptionally well and both helped secure our first goal. We had a strong defence for the rest of the game thanks to Callum and Jacob. We ended up winning 1-0 over the competition favourites! Our second game was against the UN. We eventually hit the scoreboard and ended up winning comfortably by four goals. Our final game was against Germany who we only had the draw against to win the whole competition. It was a tough 10 minutes as they had most of the possession in their forward half. Once again, our defence was exceptional not letting anything through. It was great to see everyone do their bit for team and get the job done for China-junior winners 2017!

Lachie DC
Captain of Team China (juniors)


Germany vs China (0-0)                      MVPs Ryo M and Matthew W

In what was a clearly hard-fought contested match, the German boys were relentless with their attack on goal, with a much higher number of shots on goal than their fellow Chinese counterparts. Unfortunately, after several misses from the strikers Will P and Max F, Germany had to settle for the draw, but it was clear to see that in the next match, a victory would be the only acceptable result. 

Germany vs France (2-0)                    MVPs James M and Will P

With the Germans looking to unleash their ‘Blitzkrieg’ offense early, a brilliant goal within the first 10 seconds of the game from Will P assisted by Tom A, allowed Germany to get the jump on the French. As the match progressed, Germany’s defence stood strong against a very talented French attack, thanks to Isaac T and Matthew W, with Isaac later rewarded for his efforts down back with a rebound goal from a corner kick. Confidence was certainly high going into the final deciding match against the UN.

Goal Scorers: Will P, Isaac T

Germany vs UN (3-0)                          MVPs Isaac T and Nikolas G 

With five new fresh players joining Germany for their final clash against the UN, the pressure was looming in what would be another clean-sweep and clean-sheet for the Deutsche Jungen. All around the field German flare could be seen, especially by the German goalie Sath ‘safe hands’ and youngsters Harry T and Alex H, both scoring goals in one-on-one duels with the very talented UN keeper. To conclude what had been a convincing win for Germany, First XI player Will H generously passed back to the captain Will P into an open goal to secure the third and final blow for the opposition.

Goal Scorers: Alex H, Will P, Harry T

France vs China (1-1)                         MVPs Hannibal C and Isaac H
France vs UN (4-0)                              MVPs Keshav S and Laurie B

UN vs China (0-0)                                MVPs Luca W and James H

Will P,
Captain of Team Germany (seniors)

The China senior soccer team played well drawing all three matches. The defence is to be commended for only having 1 goal scored against them. We placed third overall, however, unlucky to take out second place after a controversial goal decision while playing France. Both Ryo M and James H played well creating many scoring chances and controlling the midfield in all games. The MVPs for all games were: Ryo M, James H and Isaac H.

Oscar M,
Captain of Team China (seniors)

All players of the French senior soccer team should be congratulated for their performance during the Languages Cup. The whole team came together, supporting each other to producing some great plays. Tom D and Hannibal C were our most valuable players, combining well in the midfield to set up some quality goals.

One such highlight was during the French vs United Nations team, when Peter played a beautifully weighted pass to Thomas, who combined beautifully with Hannibal who passed out wide to Daniel. A crisp through ball to Nick saw him take a touch to strike the ball perfectly, gliding past the goalie’s reach into the bottom left corner.

The French team’s chemistry was demonstrated throughout the tournament, with the team only conceding 3 goals. Unfortunately, we came second in the tournament – succumbing to the German team’s lethal attack, comprised of Will H, Harry and Isaac T.

Keshav S,
Captain of Team France (seniors)

The gallant UN team at the Languages Cup played with passion and pride as we faced off against three elite sides in France, China and Germany. After a nervy start against France where we were severely outnumbered, we managed to grind out a 0-0 draw against a stubborn Chinese team, which was packed with talent. The boys ended the Cup with a courageous loss to eventual champions Germany, with the team showing significant improvement since the opener. The boys played with courage and determination and although the result didn't quite go our way, the spirit that we all possessed showcased the world game in all its glory.

Niko P,
Captain of Team UN (seniors)

A big thank you to all Languages staff for organising teams and assisting on match day. Thanks also to Jack B who stepped in at the last moment to referee the games on the junior pitch and Mr Barbieri who expertly refereed the senior boys. Well done to all boys that participated and for the soccer supporters turning out to cheer the boys on.

Rachel Spiby
Head of Languages