In Term Two, the main unit of work for the Year 10 Chinese class is on Medicine and Illnesses. The Year 10 Chinese students did research and group presentations on the different perspectives of Chinese medicine. Complementary to the topic, on 6 June, students were fortunate enough to be given a special presentation by guest Doctor Li, and old scholar Isaiah Luc (HWD ’15). Isaiah studied a double Bachelor degrees of Medicine: Bachelor of Surgery and Bachelor of Traditional Medicine in the Peking University last year, and currently is doing medicine at Flinders University.

Doctor Li delivered a special presentation featuring the origins of Traditional Chinese Medicine, the concepts of Yin and Yang, Qi, and the Meridian and Acupoints found in the body. Here, the boys were able to have hands on experience, experimenting on each other with the different forms of apparatus that Doctor Li brought in for the presentation. In addition, the boys were able to grasp a greater understanding of the use and practices of: Gua Sha, Chinese Cupping and Acupuncture.

Isaiah, who has studied a double degree in both Chinese and Western Medicine, gave a presentation explaining to the boys the central differences between the two, and their impacts on Chinese Medicine as a whole. The boys were ever thankful to the two guests and learnt lots from their visit.

Written by Christopher K (Year 10 MAC), and notes taken by Brian Z (Year 10 DAC)