One of the biggest questions facing schools is "what will the world of work look like for students in the future and how to best prepare them?"

St Peter's College has partnered with the YLAB, part of the Foundation for Young Australians, to develop a bespoke training course for teachers. YLab provides organisations with youth-led design services that bring fresh ideas to social sector, public policy or business challenges.

YLAB and St Peter’s College teaching staff will explore the skills and capabilities that will be most portable and in demand in the future to enable students at Saints to equip themselves for the future of work. All 144 junior and senior school teaching staff will undertake enterprise skills training to have a better understanding of the opportunities and challenges faced by the millennial generation. The future world of work for young people will be more dynamic where linear careers will be less common and young people will need a portfolio of skills and capabilities, including career management and enterprising skills.

Staff training in enterprising skills is a crucial part of advancing the School's vision and mission. This training builds on other innovations adopted since 2010 including whole school approach to wellbeing and positive education, visible learning, and project-based learning.

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