That voting should be voluntary was the topic of the grand final debate of the Junior House debating competition. The debate between Young House, represented by Fin F, Isaac H, Thomas J and Tristan T, who took the affirmative side and Farr House argued the negative side and was represented by Ollie K, Jeremy H, Arvind P and Abdullah R, and coached by Laurie B and Reuben S.

Both teams were well-prepared and presented compelling cases. Young House argued freedom of choice and liberal democratic principles. Questioning the quality of voting outcome when the voter does not have an interest in voting with examples of donkey and informal votes to strengthen their case, together with the introduction of an education program where the benefits and value of voting to be introduced into school education, therefore making voluntary voting a valid premise. While Farr House outlined the values and principles of democracy with compulsory voting the best way to achieve a voice and representation for every Australian in government. 

In a high standard debate, the adjudicators were unanimous in their decision and awarded a narrow victory to Farr House.

Congratulations to both teams for their significant achievement. 

Special thanks to the adjudicators, old scholar Mr Lachlan McLeod and SADA representative, Mr William Thomas and staff member Mrs Christine Iadanza.

The four rounds of the Inter-House competition have provided an excellent opportunity for our students to practice debates prior to the Inter-School competition which begins next term. 

Raelene Schar
Educational Support Officer